A few good links: Saving some cash in Boston, and more

Courtesy rick/Flickr
Woodford Reserver Distillery, 2007

A few travel stories that caught my eye this past week:

Kentucky's Bourbon Trail This 225-mile tour of distilleries makes an "offbeat version of a day out in California's Napa Valley." [Lonely Planet]

50 of the World's Best Budget Hotels Chains from huge to tiny get attention here. [Telegraph, via Happy Hotelier]

Historic Boston has great haunts, on the cheap Dedicated last month: a "string of parks and fountains" made possible by the Big Dig. [Boston Globe]

Auf Wiedersehen, Tempelhof Berlin's Tempelhof Airport closes, but not without protests. [BBC]

Nova Scotia's pre-Jurassic park Fossil-hunting in the Maritime Provinces [Christian Science Monitor]

Redeem your Marriott loyalty points now The program will likely get stingier next year [Loyalty Traveler]

The airline industry by the numbers The average U.S. low-cost carrier lost about a $1 after expenses every time they flew a passenger this year. Worldwide, the average airline lost $12 loss per passenger. [Foreign Policy]

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