A few good links: Stripping naked for Aer Lingus

Courtesy atalou/Flickr

Hundreds strip 'naked' to win free Aer Lingus flights Participants got "strategically placed shamrocks" to cover up a bit. What is it with Irish airlines? [Telegraph]

Ryanair offers cash reward if you invent their next fee. And we thought the paying to pee was just a publicity stunt. [upgrade: travel better]

Take five native New Yorkers… The Guardian asks for (and critiques) five locals' advice on hanging out in the city.

Immigration Explorer A county-by-county map shows the origins of first-generation immigrants . [New York Times]

Fear of Flying Completely non-actionable advice for making it into the air. [Morning News]

Scoring a Restaurant Table Online OpenTable.com, Restaurant.com, and a host of others. [Wall Street Journal]

Australia Says 'Mayday, Mayday, We'll Pay You To Visit Us'. A proposal that the Aussie government pay for your flight. [Jaunted]

Sears Tower to be renamed Willis Tower. The nation's tallest building has a new name, but will anyone use it? [Chicago Sun-Times]

Man sues American Airlines for revoking his lifetime travel pass. He paid $250,000 20 years ago for lifetime first-class seats. [Gadling]

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