A few good links: who's the worst airline of all?

Courtesy Sar-ah Bear-ah/Flickr
Flying into Seattle

Some travel stories that caught my eye this past week:

Worst. Airline. Ever. It's United's rich history of lousy decisions that convinced longtime biz-travel writer Joe Brancatelli to give this title to this article. [Portfolio]

US Airways to keep a la carte pricing Charging for sodas and for checking an extra bag means less trash and fewer suitcases to lose. [AZ Central]

Why go to Delaware? Beaches, shopping, du Ponts. [Chicago Tribune]

With less money, try less-traveled roads "The glossy travel magazines…have brainwashed us into thinking that travel is a luxury we buy…rather than a deeply personal experience with the potential to change our lives." [SF Chron]

100+ Abandoned Buildings, Places, and Properties Guaranteed 100 percent creepy. [via CN Traveler]

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