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0903_btupgradeNandi the manta ray is just one of the highlights at the Georgia Aquarium

An Iowa couple treats their grandson to a VIP tour, with a (messy!) fish feeding, at Georgia Aquarium.

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Kathi Gammon and her husband, Dave, don't get to see their only grandson, 5-year-old Jackson, nearly enough for their liking—they live in Nevada, Iowa, and their son and his family reside in Dallas, Ga. When they do make the trek south, it is, of course, cause for great anticipation. "We'd really love to treat Jackson to a fun day out," Kathi, an administrative assistant, confided to us in her Upgrade submission. "But what would be exciting for a young boy to do?" Atlanta's Georgia Aquarium—home to three beluga whales, a manta ray, and the only whale sharks in this hemisphere—fit the bill swimmingly, so we sent Kathi and crew on a custom behind-the-scenes tour. They checked out the fish-food kitchen, walked over the whale-shark tank, interacted with zebra shark pups, and visited the baby ward. Jackson then fed angelfish by sinking his hands into a bucket of chopped shrimp and flinging the goopy bits all over the water—and himself. "Jackson kept telling everyone he was a very important person," Kathi says, laughing. "I just loved seeing him covered in shrimp and beaming."

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The Georgia Aquarium, which is the largest museum of its sort in the world. It's now hosting "Titanic Aquatic," an exhibition of more than 190 artifacts from the ocean liner (georgiaaquarium.org, adults from $26, kids from $19.50).

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