A genius travel beauty tool for just $15

Courtesy Travalo
The Travalo perfume dispenser, a miracle in a 3-inch package

While doing some late-night internet shopping with my sister on a recent Girlfriend Getaway (family edition!), we came across a life-changing (or at least trip-changing) device that promises to solve one my personal travel pet peeves.

With all due respect to the innovative "perfume stand-ins" out there like scented balms, wipes, and glosses, if you've gone to the trouble of painstakingly hunting down and establishing a signature scent, the last thing you want to do is ditch it for some second-rate replacement every time you leave town. Still, for whatever reason, I've never really been able to master the transfer of perfume from full-size bottle into travel-size atomizer—until now.

At the risk of sounding like an infomercial, the Travalo really couldn't be easier—you just pop the spritzer top from your primary perfume bottle, poke the remaining skinny, straw-like tube into the hole at the bottom of the Travalo, and pump it with up to about 50 sprays of scent. (If you're still confused, there's even a video demonstration on the site. Not that I needed it. Ahem.) Naturally, it's small enough to meet the TSA carry-on requirements, and it comes in five colors of shatterproof, aircraft-grade aluminum, including gender-neutral black, silver, and gold, plus a shiny metallic pink.

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