A month of in-flight Wi-Fi now costs $20, down from $35

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Perhaps even better news is the fact that a subscription hooks fliers up with Wi-Fi on lots of different airlines.

Number 3 on our top ten list of "Wi-Fi in the Sky" tips is no longer true. Previously, customers who purchased Wi-Fi passes could only access the Internet on one airline -- the airline they originally signed up with. But now, Gogo Inflight, the Internet service that keeps travelers connected on carriers such as AirTran, Virgin America, American, Delta, and United, is selling unlimited monthly subscriptions that customers can use on any airline and flight offering the service. (Gogo is available on all Virgin America and AirTran flights, and about one-third of all domestic flights are currently equipped Wi-Fi-enabled.)

What's more, to really make a splash with the announcement, Gogo is discounting the first month for subscribers, who will pay $19.95. After the first month, the rate for an in-flight month-long pass goes back up to the original $34.95.

The way Gogo's pricing structure is set, at least for the first month it's cheaper to sign up for a monthly subscription than it is to pay for Wi-Fi access on both legs of a three-hour-plus round trip, which costs $12.95 each way. But be aware that if you sign up for the monthly plan, it'll automatically be renewed -- and you'll be charged $34.95 monthly -- if you don't cancel. Canceling is allowed at any time.

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