A new food hall in NYC?

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On Sunday, I went over to a one-day market held as a fundraiser for the New Amsterdam Market--a bunch of local/sustainable food types (and I consider myself one) are trying to get the public (and presumably politicians) excited about turning the old Fulton Fish Market into a food market along the lines of San Francisco's most excellent Ferry Building Marketplace. The weather in NYC was awful, but the market was mobbed. Unfortunately, the stalls were outside (but under an overhang). I say unfortunately because I was hoping to get a peek inside to see if the building has much character. I live not too far from the area and would be thrilled to have the Fish Market building turn into something useful. Right now, most New Yorkers would rather visit the Toys R Us in Times Square in December than ever go near the South Street Seaport. One more thought after the jump...

The Seaport is pretty lame, but just north of it is a neighborhood that's really turning interesting, and fast. (The epicenter is Front Street.) There are two spots, in particular, that are near and dear to me. One is a super little restaurant called Barbarini Alimentari. The other is a gorgeous wine shop, over on South Street, called Pasanella & Son. Check them out!

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