A tourist trap I think I love

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As I mentioned before, my partner, Adam, and I went to SF with his grandmother. Adam's uncle, who lives in Seattle, couldn't make it--but he insisted we go to the Cliff House. I'd been once before, and had figured once was enough....

I tried to discourage the outing, but didn't manage to pull it off. And I was glad I didn't. I mean, the location is unbelievable--overlooking the Pacific, with the sun setting, a flock of pelicans flying by... I think I may even add it to my own personal list of the Tourist Traps We Love Anyway. I did succeed in insisting we not eat there. We walked inside, and got back out ASAP. The place smells like the hotel kitchen I worked in one summer--food and dishwater, yuck. Anyway, the point is to be outside. We didn't rent a car this trip, and got incredibly lucky when we left. A worker there said it might be 45 minutes before a cab came, if one came at all, but she'd call anyway. One came immediately. If it hadn't, I think the Cliff House would go on my much bigger (and still unpublished) list of Tourist Traps I Can't Stand.

The whole experience made me think we should consider doing another round-up of worthwhile tourist traps. If you have any suggestions, please let us know!

Earlier: My first report about this trip.

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