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Sleep Number beds at Radisson Hotels

Radisson is in the middle of a major overhaul of its brand: As part of a five-year, $516 million renovation project, the hotel franchise just installed more than 40,000 Select Comfort Sleep Number beds in its North America and Caribbean locations. Special interior air compartments inflate or deflate to meet individual firmness preferences--and guests can adjust each side of the mattress separately. The privilege to sleep on a Sleep Number rather than a standard bed currently costs about $5-$10 more per night, but as they roll out more of the beds, the price difference will become negligible. By the end of 2007, most Radissons will have Sleep Numbers in more than 50 percent of their rooms. Good news for your back--and your wallet. --Laura MacNeil

When Westin debuted its Heavenly Bed in 1999, the hotel chain was one of the first big-name brands to bring in high-quality bedding. And while some hotels have followed its lead, the best way to assure that your bed is heavenly is to bring your own--sheets, that is.

The Cocoon TravelSheet is lightweight and easily packable, and best of all, it's 100% silk. Unroll it from its soda-can-sized pouch, lay it on your bed, and climb inside (it's like a sleeping bag only much thinner).

The handy coupler system also allows you to zip two single-sized sheets into one double-sized version so it'll fit pretty much any size bed. Let the heavenly slumber begin. 800/254-7258,, $80. --David LaHuta

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