Adventure travel links round-up

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This past weekend in Chicago, I had fun meeting with many readers at the Travel and Adventure Show. In presentations, I listed of a bunch of sites that may be helpful for people planning their own adventures. Here are some highlights from the list…

The Top 10 Budget Travel Destinations in 2010.

Some exotic trip ideas: (where you hop the trans-Siberian railway, with a local guide to meet you at each scheduled stop… Travel in the footsteps (and hoof-prints) of Genghis Khan through Mongolian Tourism… Ride a camel along the path once charted by adventurer T. E. Lawrence via

Want to take a round-the-world trip? Plan it with and, along with the Budget Travel guide to supersize vacations.

The largest adventure tour operator in the world: G.A.P. Adventures.

This tour operator doesn't charge single supplements: Intrepid Travel.

Chicago's finest adventure travel site:

The student discount group that began this year to offer discounts to non-students up to age 35: STA Travel.

A great resource for safari vacations: And try out Budget Travel's guide to affordable safaris.

Get tips on great hikes—and what gear you need—at

Some of the many excellent tour operators out there: REI Adventures, Overseas Adventure Travel, and Adventure Center.

To check if a tour operator is legit, look 'em up at the Better Business Bureau's site. Or check if they're a member of the U.S. Tour Operator's Association.

Learn smart trips on making videos of your adventure from the pros at

Be a do-it-yourself planner with the help of tips from other travelers at the Thorn Tree forum on

Buy guidebooks for cheap at


Summit a mountain

Adventures in Family Travel: John and September Higham took their two kids on a 52-week round-the-world trip.

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