AirBnB Offers Free Pro Photography of Your Home

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AirBnB—which has paired travelers with home owners looking to rent space two million times since 2008—is now offering hosts free help to hosts in making their online listings look more photogenic.

Airbnb is now willing to send out one of its 1,000 contracted professional photographers to take "crisp, well-lit and composed photographs that accurately convey the look and feel of the space." The photographers also can independently vet the quality of the property, posting a verified stamp of approval on a host's online listing. Hosts can apply for the free service online.

This news comes on the heels of the announcement last month that AirBnB now also allows month-long rentals and sublets. Plus: Since August 15, the Airbnb Guarantee has been automatically offered, acting essentially as a $50,000 insurance policy that protects the host if guests vandalize or steal their personal property.

Airbnb is an especially helpful resource during major events, such as for next summer's Olympics in London. Locals who want to make a little extra cash can rent out their spare rooms or whole homes, while out-of-towners, who otherwise might find few vacancies around town, can find affordable places to stay with local character.


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