Airline improvements?

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There was an interesting story in yesterday's Wall Street Journal about the ways airlines are trying to learn from their poor performances this summer. They say they're going to keep more seats open during peak periods (so people who miss connections have a shot at getting on a later flight), they're going to have more planes around in case something goes wrong, they're going to communicate better when there's a delay (wouldn't that be nice?). American says it's going to give standby priority to first and business class passengers, then to elite-level passengers and passengers paying high coach fares, then to "cheap-ticket" passengers (that's the WSJ's phrase, not the airline's). I suppose that's not unreasonable--even though I don't like it. But I hope that American will also stop overbooking flights, so that the passengers most likely to get bumped ("cheap-ticket" passengers) aren't also the ones most likely to get the shaft when waiting for a standby by seat.

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