Airlines: American is adding in-flight Wi-Fi on half of its fleet

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In the next couple of years, American Airlines will expand in-flight, Wi-Fi Internet access to roughly 300 of its planes. It will charge up to $13 for Web surfing and e-mailing on a laptop for flights longer than 3 hours, though only $8 for using a smartphone like a Blackberry. Your flight will probably have the service if you're flying on an MD-80 aircraft because those planes will be outfitted with the technology first. You can check your e-ticket to see if you'll be flying on an MD-80 aircraft.

Delta Air Lines has Wi-Fi available on about 80 planes already and plans to roll out the service to more than 300 planes later this year.


Should airlines that provide Internet access in mid-flight censor certain websites that may be offensive? (140-plus comments)

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