Airlines: More ads on tray tables

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US Airways is trying to cash in on the boredom of its passengers by inviting companies to slap advertisements on its airplane tray tables, says the illustrious Tony Pierce of the L.A. Times.

US Airways isn't the first airline to try this. America West, which US Airlines later bought out, was the first airline to experiment with tray table ads, working with Mercedes Benz USA, Bank of America, and The History Channel from December 2003 through 2004, according to

The TSA has also gotten in on the act. As reported before, TSA now permits ads on airport security bins, trays, and tables at checkpoints at 10 airports. Ads feature companies such as Rolodex and, and are sold by a company called SecurityPoint Media.

How do you feel about ads on TSA tray tables and on airplane tray tables?

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