Airport CEO surprises passengers with zany security video

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The videos shown in airport security lines obviously serve a purpose—but do they have to be so dang boring? There's at least one airport administrator who feels my pain.

Cindy Martin, CEO of Northwest Montana's Glacier Park International Airport, has taken matters into her own hands with the production of a new TSA-type video—just for her airport. It coaches passengers on all the same rules we've heard a million times... but it's quirky instead of boring.

Ms. Martin commissioned the video from a group of Hawaiian-shirt-clad baby boomers known in her neck of the woods as the Singing Sons of Beaches. They're a cross between Jimmy Buffett and your kookiest uncle. I'm not doing them justice, so click on the video below to check out their tacky greatness for yourself. And pay attention. These are rules, people!


What other boring staples of travel life could use an amusing overhaul? Let me know your thoughts below!

—William Bailey


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