Airports with the Best (and Worst) On-Time Performance

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To the surprise of no one who lives in the tri-state area, Newark Liberty International Airport had the worst on–time percentage of 29 top airports for the first half of 2012, according to a report from the National Bureau of Statistics. Only 70.61% of flights to Newark came in on time. Newark was followed by San Francisco (73.35%) and Houston (79.70%).

Where were flights on schedule? Almost 90% of flights came were on time to Salt Lake City. Second and third place was a tight race between Charlotte, N.C. (87.54%) and Minneapolis/St. Paul (87.14%).

It's interesting to compare different airports within the same city. Besides Newark two other NYC–area airports came in near the bottom, with LaGuardia ranking 26 with a little over 80% arriving on time, and JFK was relatively punctual, with 84.35% on time (ranking 16). If you are flying to Chicago, choose Midway, which ranked 6 on the list with a 86.16 on–time percentage. O'Hare only had 81.91% of flights come in on time—ranking it 24th.

Overall, flights are on pace to have record on–time percentages.


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