Americans will visit China and India in record numbers

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A survey of American travelers by AAA and GlobalInsight has some interesting findings.

China and India may see larger jumps in American visitors this summer than any other country. China may see a 13 percent increase, to 573,000 American visitors. And India may see a gain of 13 percent, too, for a total of 227,000 American visitors.

Travel to Canada and Mexico will be about the same this summer as last.

Travel to Italy should be up nearly 5 percent, to 1.6 million American travelers.

Travel to France should jump by nearly 7 percent to about 1.1 million American travelers.

And travel to Germany ought to increase by slightly more than 4 percent, to 724,000 American travelers.

Travel to Ireland should rise by about 6.6 percent, to about 337,000 American travelers.

[via AAA]


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