America's Cheapest Airports

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Burbank's Bob Hope Airport holds the record for cheapest flights

Looking to save on your next getaway? A new report released by ranks the average price of flights to the 101 most popular airports in America from the most to the least expensive.

The three airports where prices were the lowest were all in California, with Burbank's Bob Hope Airport coming in as the cheapest with flights averaging $221. Long Beach and Fresno were two and three, with flights averaging $250 and $290 respectively. Rounding out the top five were two Pennsylvania airports—Harrisburg International ($304) and Lehigh Valley ($307).

Wondering what the most expensive airports were? New York's JFK came in fifth with flights averaging $678, followed by Kahului in Maui ($712), Charleston, South Carolina ($717), and Honolulu ($854). The top spot went to Anchorage's airport, where flights averaged a whopping $964!

The study was based on prices in June 2012, and also compared this year's prices with the averages found in 2011. There were some major fluctuations, including Dallas Love Field, which was the 13th most expensive in 2011 and the 66th in 2012, with flights averaging $544 (flights out of Dallas/Fort Worth averaged $432, ranking the airport 32nd). On the other hand, Albany International got cheaper this year. In 2011, it ranked 82nd. In 2012, it came in at 41st thanks to flights that averaged $463.

The moral of the story? Consider smaller, regional airports when booking trips, but remember to shop around.


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