An innovative travel search engine debuts

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You probably already have a favorite travel search engine, such Kayak or Mobissimo. But a revamped and renamed website has debuted today with a clever twist on travel planning.

UpTake is a new name for, which used to merely archive travel reviews from hundreds of websites and guidebooks to help users plan trips. UpTake has now become much bolder. It scours more than 1,000 travel sites and filters millions of opinions to have edited lists of advice on what do do and where to stay in the U.S.

Uptake also makes it easier for you to do "theme-based" travel searching, such as a search for "“girls-getaways” or “pet-friendly" in, say, Las Vegas. This may be a more intuitive way for some people to search for travel. The site says it has listings for 400,000 hotels and activities, culled from multiple sources. It only covers the U.S., though. []

Below, you'll find a two-minute video from the company explaining how to make the most of the site, such as by how to plan a trip to Monterrey, Calif. The narrator is a bit stiff.* But overall, the two-minute video is helpful, and it includes a sneak peak of what's going to be rolled out on the site within a couple of months.

*the description of narrator has been modified since this item was first posted.

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