And the tips just keep on coming

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A USA Today blog was nice enough to feature some of the great tips in Budget Travel's new book The Smart Family's Passport, which in turn has led to an exchange of even more travel tips.

After the USA Today post, readers chimed in with comments such as:

I always order to go from the hotel restaurant vs. room service. They will often ask we can bring it to your room, but I say my wife is asleep. Like many I am on a set $ amount for dinner and this is a good way to avoid +20% and $3 added to the bill. I can order more or better food that way.


I always pack my suitcase the night before my checkout when I have a clear head, more or less, to avoid the "morning of" panic packing. As for valuables, I put all in a pile either on a table where I know I'll see them or by the sink so I see them when I pack up my shaving kit stuff. That way, I don't leave anything behind, but I can see how it can be done.


One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was to buy a fake diamond wedding set to wear on holidays. Besides that we almost never travel with valuables.

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