Apple Drops Google Maps: Will You Miss It?

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The new iOS6 operating system will no longer feature Google Maps, but will come with its own mapping app instead

Back in June, Apple made an announcement that sent shock waves through the techie world and shivers down travelers' spines: When they launch their new iOS6 operating system, they'll officially dump Google Maps and replace it with their own mapping app. It's safe to say that a vast majority of travelers have become completely reliant on Google Maps, for everything from driving directions to public transportation to scoping out new neighborhoods with Street View. So what can you expect from the Apple replacement?

Flyover: Google offers the undeniably cool Street View feature, which has even recently moved beyond city streets and into national parks. So how can Apple compete? The short answer is, so far, it can't. Their new Flyover feature allows users to explore 3–D renderings of a limited number of cities (the Apple campus in Cupertino, Chicago, Copenhagen, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Montreal, Sacramento, San Francisco, Seattle, and Sydney) in zoomable high resolution. A cool feature to be sure, but it's not particularly useful.

Siri: You know her, you love her, you can't get enough of her. Everyone's favorite robot will be fully integrated into Apple's map system. When you ask Siri about a place, you'll get turn–by–turn directions. Perfect for those times when you're too lazy to type in an address.

Local Search: Tap on a business on the map and you'll be greeted with a box full of information like Yelp reviews, photos, phone numbers, and deals.

Do you trust Apple in the cartography department? Will the mapping app be as crisp, user–friendly, and progressive as the rest of their products? Or do you wish Google and Apple could just get along so you could have Google Maps back?


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