"Around the World for Free" and a super healthy road trip

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Follow along as one reality show star travels with world with no money in his pockets, and as a pair of magazine writers drive across the country and hit farmer's markets, test new fitness gear, try out running trails, and join local 5Ks along the way.

In case you missed it on CBS's Early Show, Jeff Shroeder Schroeder* (former star of Big Brother and The Amazing Race) just kicked off a tour that's being called "Around the World for Free." Shroeder left New York City with a backpack, a netbook and phone supplied by AT&T; (which is sponsoring the trip), and no money whatsoever. He'll be relying on the kindness of strangers for transportation, food, lodging, and entertainment, and it's unclear if Jeff or anyone else know where he'll go. At last check, he was somewhere in Virginia, en route to Louisiana. Should be fun to watch.

Meanwhile, former Budget Travel staffer Beth Collins and health and fitness writer Lindsey Emery are inviting folks to follow along on TheFitTrip.com. That's what the two friends have dubbed their road trip from New York City to Portland, Oregon, where both writers are relocating. Here's how this adventure will be different from any old cross-country road trip, in their words:

We've vowed to be as fit, as healthy, and as green as possible along the way. No stopping at McDonald's just because it's easy, no forgoing workouts just because the hotel gym is l-a-m-e, and no riding around in a gas-guzzling SUV just because we can squeeze all our luggage in it.

We also want to make sure we truly experience every place along our route, not just blow through it all in the interest of making good time. We'll be seeking out farmer's markets and local coffee shops, mom-and-pop restaurants and recommended running trails. We'll also be testing new fitness gear, participating in neighborhood races and creating regional playlists every step of the way. The more we get to mingle with the locals, the better.

Beth and Lindsey's journey begins tomorrow.

*Typo corrected.

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