Ask Trip Coach: Motorcycle trips

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Motorcycling in the Andean Valley near Cusco, Peru.

Some travelers are born to shop. Others seem to have been born to do little else than lie on the beach. And then there are travelers who are born to be wild.

If the idea of hopping on a motorcycle and tearing up the pavement gets your blood flowing, an upcoming Trip Coach column is for you. We'll be covering the basics of motorcycle vacations, with loads of helpful info for those interested in riding a hog for an entire road trip, or just for an epic, adrenaline-filled afternoon.

To get us started, please send in your questions related to motorcycle vacations right now. You might be wondering:

Who, exactly, can rent a motorcycle? What are the requirements?

What destinations are best for motorcycle trips?

Are there destinations that offer special motorcycle tours and lessons for beginners?

Are there services that'll ship a motorcycle across the country, or overseas?

What makes sense in terms of gear, luggage, what to pack, and what to leave at home?

What are the most common mistakes newbies make when first embarking on a motorcycle trip?

Now it's your turn. Please send us all of your questions related to motorcycle vacations, and we'll address the most pressing issues in an upcoming issue of Budget Travel.


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