Ask Trip Coach: Multi-generational travel

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How do you keep toddlers and teens, grandparents and in-laws, and everyone in between happy on a big group vacation?

Well, for one thing, with careful planning. If you have questions about taking a multi-generational vacation -- or if you don't even know where to start -- we want to hear from you right now. You may be wondering:

What kinds of vacations work best for trips accommodating everybody from infants to seniors?

How do you settle on a destination that's relaxing for the folks who want to relax, and yet not too boring for the folks who crave fun and excitement?

What kind of lodging, or variety of lodging, makes the most sense for a group like this?

How does the group decide who pays for what?

Is it best to plan the details yourselves, or leave it up to a pro?

Are there ways to get discounts due to the age of travelers (young or old), or the size of your group?

How do you maximize the potential that the young and old will bond and create great memories on the trip?

If you've got questions along these lines, ask away, and we'll provide answers in an upcoming Trip Coach column.


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