Ask Trip Coach: The grand European tour

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Notre Dame de Paris

There are more ways than ever to tour Europe. Unfortunately, the trip just might be more complicated and more expensive than ever too.

In an upcoming issue of Budget Travel, Trip Coach aims to help readers plan the big European vacation in the most rewarding, least stressful ways possible. First, we need to hear from you. In the comments section below, please enter your most pressing concerns and questions.

For instance, you might be wondering…

*What's the most sensible way to come up with a doable itinerary?

*What destinations are overpriced? Which ones are up-and-coming and still affordable?

*Any tips for saving on airfare during the peak summer months?

*Any tips for saving when exchanging money?

*Get around by bus? Rental car? River cruise? Ocean cruise? Fly? Train? Rail pass? Air pass? Some combination therein?

*What are the pros and cons of hostels, hotels, apartments, and other forms of lodging?

Now you tell us. Fire away with your questions, and we'll answer the best ones in the magazine.


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