Ask Trip Coach: Volunteer vacations

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We're here to help you do good and have a good time—all at the same time.

Send us your questions on voluntourism, a.k.a. volunteer vacations, in which travelers spend their days working for the benefit of others. Why? Because while every trip has its rewards, helping others can be rewarding on an entirely different level.

Voluntourism opportunities are literally available all over the world, and volunteers might spend their time teaching, building, painting, or helping kids or animals. They can work in cities, villages, rural areas, or totally out in the woods. Some travelers want volunteer work to occupy their entire vacation, while others are more interested in a little altruism on the side, offering their services for a day or two during their stint away from home.

With so many possibilities, questions are bound to arise, such as:

What are the best resources for finding volunteer vacation opportunities?

How do you figure out which volunteer trip is right for you?

How much should you expect to pay? (Volunteer vacations are generally not free, and can sometimes be pricey.)

How can you make sure that your time and energy will have the most impact?

Please send us your questions regarding volunteer vacations and we'll answer the best ones in an upcoming issue of Budget Travel.

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