Baby born during Southwest flight

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Baby on-board! Southwest Airlines confirms that a baby was born in mid-air today on flight 441 from Chicago to Salt Lake City. A local NBC News TV station reports that "a medical service on the radio helped a doctor on the plane delivery the baby."

The plane made the unexpected landing in Denver and was met by an ambulance. UPDATE: Here are some more details from the Southwest blog post, "An Early Arrival".

Names for the baby boy were tossed around on Twitter, including Sky, Midway, Turbulence, and—(my favorite)—Peanut.


If a child is born on an airplane, what's his place of birth and citizenship? Here are the answers.

In October, a baby was born up in the skies during an AirAsia flight. The mother and child were awarded free air travel for life. But U.S. airlines rarely give free lifetime passes.

UPDATE: (5 p.m. ET) Travel funnyman Mike Barish suggests that a great gift registry item for the li'l one would be from the SkyMall catalog: The Pirate Ship Retro Rocker.

UPDATE: Here's local TV news video from Chicago...

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