Banning seniors from renting cars

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--Today's fun fact: "In Ireland, some rental agencies apply an extra fee for travelers age 70 or older; travelers over 75 can't rent at all," reports Ed Perkins at "In Israel, travelers over age 75 can't rent at all, and in Romania, the cut-off age is 70."

--Be a Hawaiian Cowboy for a day. Take a break from the tiki-torch circuit with a day-trip to the 8,500-acre Kahua Ranch on the Big Island. Brush-up on your lassoing skills, chug beer around a campfire, and learn to line-dance, all for $95 per person, according to the Chicago Tribune.

--Try a Japanese sampler: The city of Kyoto has made it easier to be an armchair traveler by launching its first tourism website. The site's best part is its list of the 100 best things to do in the city. One example: The summer festival in which fishermen use trained birds to catch sweetfish.

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