Book Europe Like a Local: 3 Super Sites for Reservations

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For the best search results (and deals), swap your favorite U.S.-based booking site for a European counterpart.

For Hotel Rooms

While sites like Kayak and Hotwire do cover Europe, taps into a broader range of properties across nine European countries—with room rates up to half off. The site also features discounted day trips, spa packages, event tickets, and more.

For Dining Out

Making a dinner reservation in another language (and another time zone) can be tricky. Not so with Toptable: The site books seats in thousands of restaurants across 15 European countries, and you can sort by cuisine, price, ratings, and special offers.

For Rental Cars

As the largest rental-car consolidator on the Continent—with stations at 229 European airports alone—Europcar can afford to let vehicles go for as little as $32 per day. Bonus: Its no-fee membership program, called Privilege, earns drivers up to 30% off the leisure rate.


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