Traveling to Greece? Bring Your Own Euros

passport-stamps-athensParthenon sunrise
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If you haven't already heard, Greece has been having some financial problems lately.

According to an article by The Guardian, travelers to Greece are being urged to prepare for the possibility of zero bank and ATM access during upcoming trips. As of right now, Greek residents are only allowed to take out 60 euros per day from available ATMs, and while technically there is no restriction on foreign withdrawals, the overruling issue is that Greek cash machines are running out of money.

Translation: Bring your own cash. For American travelers, that means euros, by the way, not USD.

Credit cards will work as they usually do, but you can avoid long lines at ATMs and spend your well-earned vacation time touring the Parthenon or relaxing on the beach in the Greek Islands if you plan ahead. Pack enough cash to get you through your trip, whether it's for a long weekend or a two week adventure, and try to bring as many small notes with you as possible, as it's easier to pay with 5-, 10-, and 20- euro bills, than to try to break a 100 euro bill right now.

We want to know: Would the country's financial woes stop you from visiting Greece? Are you willing to make little adjustments for the sake of a potentially amazing vacation? Sound off below!

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