Google's Top Travel Search Questions of the Year...Answered!

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You've got questions? We've got answers! Google crunched its data from the past year and unearthed the top 10 travel search terms for their annual Year in Search analysis. One huge takeaway from the roundup: Travelers want to know how they can travel more—and do it on the cheap. We'll do a New Year's toast to that!

We're giving Budget Travel's take on all of Google's most-searched travel questions below. Saved you a click!

1. How to travel the world

We'll insert "for cheap" at the end of that search, naturally. For a major reduction in travel costs, try house-sitting. You'll save on hotel rooms and have your own kitchen—ideal for stretching your food budget. Here's more: How To House-Sit Your Way Around the World.

2. How to travel on a budget

This is our favorite search term of the year! Where do we begin? Click your way through our Real Deals and subscribe to the Budget Travel digital magazine to find affordable trips that appeal to you, but before you do that, here are a few of our recent favorite expert tips on how to see more of the world for less money: 25 Things Every Budget Traveler MUST Know, 7 Incredible Grand Tours You Can Actually Afford, and Best-Kept Secrets of Priceline.

3. How to start a travel blog

One successful travel blogger we like is Nomadic Matt, author of the new book How to Travel the World on $50 a Day. Here's what he had to say: "First, be an expert. No one wants to take advice from someone who hasn't been there and done that. A lot of people start their travel blog before they even travel. That's a mistake. Blog after you've been away so you have experience. Second, go niche. The more narrow your expertise, the easier it will be for you to gain traffic and media mentions. If you go wide, you'll have to compete with too many established names. Go narrow and face less competition."

4. Jobs where you can travel

"Flight attendant" is the easy answer—but the profession isn't for the weak. Read about what you'll be dealing with here: 10 Flight Attendant Secrets. If you're willing to work your way up, angle for a gig as a TV or movie location scout: A scout for Survivorgave us some great advice on scoring a job like his. If you're good with kids (or can at least pretend to be), a job as a travel nanny might be up your alley. Just be prepared for the drawbacks. We heard them firsthand: Confessions of a Travel Nanny.

5. How to travel alone

Pick a place you're comfortable with, follow safety precautions, and be open to new experiences are a few tenets to follow. We gathered invaluable advice from an expert solo journeymen (and journeywomen) and outlined it here: Flying Solo: Everything You Need to Know About Traveling Alone. Need more ideas for your first trip? This'll get you dreaming: 35 Amazing—and Easy!—Solo Trips.

6. How to get paid to travel

Two words: "work exchange." Or teach English in a foreign country. Here are directions for how to do both—plus several other brilliant suggestions for seeing the globe one someone else's dime: How to Travel the World for Free. A temporary overseas work assignment is another smart way to go. Read about how to get one with your skill set: How to Travel the World Without Paying a Penny

7. Best way to fold a dress

"For clothes that you can't fold, like suits or dresses, try placing them in a plastic bag from the dry cleaner. The plastic creates a layer of separation and decreases wrinkling." That's a direct quote from one of our favorite BT blog posts, 7 Easy Tips for Packing Light and Avoiding Extra Baggage Fees.

8. Best times to travel to Asia

It depends what you'd like to see, say Milda Ratkelyte and Ling Xin Sia from "The beauty about Southeast Asia is that it’s got parts that are good to visit anytime of the year, such as Bali, Malaysia, and Thailand," Ratkelyte says. "Even if it is a rainy season (October to December), you are still likely to get beautiful sunny days while enjoying the tropical rain showers." If a rich cultural display is what you're after, late January/early February might be your best bet. "The lunar Chinese New Year period is a fantastic time to visit Singapore and Malaysia, as it is one of the most important holidays in these countries," Sia says. "Streets are livelier, people are friendlier, you get the chance to try traditional Chinese New Year goodies, and there are many free performances held in public areas for all to enjoy." Until your big vacation, stay inspired with 5 Best Beaches in Southeast Asia.

9. How to apply for a travel document

For passport information, go to the U.S. Department of State's website. For green cards and re-entry permits, visit the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website. Are you panicking because your passport is set to expire before a trip abroad? We talk about how to deal with that and avoid other mishaps in Top 10 Travel Mistakes and How Not to Make Them.

10. Do you need travelers insurance?

Unless there's a cancellation policy, travel insurance can in some cases be a ripoff. Read the fine print before you buy anything, and double-check with your medical insurance company to make sure you'll be covered abroad in case of emergency. If you do need travel insurance—group tours, for example, often require it—or if you feel more comfortable having it, is a budget-friendly option.

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