Ready for a Day With No Cars in Paris?

Lonely Planet - Paris, Ile-de-Francetraffic in Paris
Lonely Planet

Ever walked the streets of one of your favorite cities and thought, “I wish the cars would just disappear”? While we have nothing against the auto industry or the awesome road trips and scenic drives we take in our cars, the staggering burden of traffic in, say, Los Angeles, London, and New York can sometimes make finding your bliss nearly impossible.

Francophiles, rejoice! On September 27, Paris is holding “Une Journée Sans Voiture”the first “Day Without Cars” in the city’s history. How much of the city are we talking about? How about: nine arrondissements, including the Left Bank, the area around the Eiffel Tower, Place de las Bastille, and many other iconic bucket-list spots.

We’re predicting that the absence of auto traffic will inspire a photographic Big Bang, with cameras and smartphones capturing the City of Light like never before. Will you be there?

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