Save On Flights By Taking Advantage Of Airfare Glitches

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If you're like me, you love a good discount. The best kind however, are those that are related to travel. If you're one of the lucky travel hackers who woke up on Christmas morning and booked cheap fares to Abu Dhabi, Johannesburg, Hong Kong or New Delhi on Etihad Airways for less than $500 RT, then it's safe to say, you had a very Merry Christmas.

The deals, which lasted upwards of 24 hours, offered fares as low as $187 RT to cities such as Abu Dhabi, from airports such as JFK, DAL, and LAX from third party deal sites like Priceline and Orbitz. The airline is the flag carrier airline of the UAE (United Arab Emirates) and recently announced it's all new Airbus 380, the first of a fleet of 10, that will offer luxury three-bedroom suites in the sky. The suites, priced from $21K, come complete with a living room, shower, private bedroom, and butler, certainly the latest in airline luxury. So it came as quite a bit of a shock that the same airline would offer such low fares to budget conscience consumers.

The best part: Etihad Airways will be honoring all of the super low fares. According to Forbes, a spokesperson confirmed that, "A system filing issue caused ticket prices for a promotion in the USA to be temporarily listed incorrectly." The spokesperson added, "The issue has since been rectified. Etihad Airways will honor these fares."

So, what exactly is an airfare glitch? Sometimes caused by human error, or simply just a computer glitch, every so often airlines such as a Delta, United, and now Etihad Airways will incorrectly list ticket prices, offering customers the opportunity to snag them before it is caught internally. So what's the catch? Sometimes these fares are honored, and sometimes they are not—it depends on the airline. What we do know however, is that those who came upon the Etihad Airways fare received a Christmas miracle.

Want to stay in the know of upcoming fare deals and glitches? Sign up for e-mail alerts from websites such as Farecompare, Airfarewatchdog and The Flight Deal, for straight-to-your-inbox notices on the best airline deals. This is one of the best methods to be certain that once there's an opportunity, it will come directly to you. Also, if an airline is trending on social media, there's a reason why—follow influencers such as The Points Guy for announcements on any surprisingly low fares. Good luck, travel hackers!

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