What's The One Thing You Can't Leave Home Without?

packing a suitcasepacking a suitcase
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Fill in the blank: "When I travel, I can't leave home without my _______."

We've got insider tips on the brain, one of the themes of our September/October digital edition of Budget Travel magazinenow available on BudgetTravel.com, on Google Play, for Nook and Kindle, and coming soon to the Apple App Store). To get into the spirit of things, we asked several of our staff members to share the one thing they can't leave home without. Here's what they said:

"A favorite novel tied to the place I'm visiting, so I can explore, say, Dickens's London or Joyce's Dublin. I know, nerd alert." —Robert Firpo-Cappiello, Executive Editor

"Black ballet flats. They're great slip-on, slip-off flight shoes; easy to walk around a city in; and dressy enough for dinner if I don't want to put on heels." —Jamie Beckman, Senior Editor

"A pretty scarf and a little notebook so I can jot down notes about what to see and do." —Kaeli Conforti, Digital Editor

"My pillow: a little slice of home in my hotel room." —Rosalie Tinelli, Marketing Associate

"My teddy bear, Curly! Each hotel's housekeeper arranges him differently." —Whitney Tressel, Photo Editor

"Earplugs. I'm a light sleeper, and you never know when you'll end up with a loud hotel room." —Chalkley Calderwood, Creative Director

"My sunglasses (polarized, preferably). I prepare to spend a lot of time outside." —Chad Harter, Lead Developer

"A good food magazine and headphones." —Michelle Craig, Director, Business Development

"A camera, to capture everything I see." —Elaine Alimonti, President, Publisher

"A great pair of walking shoes... and my husband!"—Maureen Kelley Stewart, Advertising Manager

"A wrap or pashmina—I always get cold on flights." —Cathy Allendorf, Director of Digital Media

"My Trusted Traveler/Global Entry ID. It makes a world of difference getting through customs!" —Jo Neese, Neese & Lee Media

Now it's your turn: We want to know, what's the one thing you can't leave home without? Share it below!

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