Budget Travel Upgrade

Marie Hennechart

Kirsten Brown, a North Dakota native who lives in New Jersey, had always wanted to visit Paris. 'Every day at work, I stare at this beautiful calendar with black-and-white photos of the city.'

In November, Kirsten cashed in a flight voucher, booked a room in the Latin Quarter, and told friends she was off to Paris. "They asked what I'd do all day by myself. But I knew I'd have fun wandering around, picnicking by the Seine, touring Versailles, and seeing as much as possible."

We wanted to upgrade not just Kirsten's trip but also her calendar, so we hired a photographer and a stylist for a day. Kirsten loved getting her hair and makeup done and donning the Prada raincoat and chic scarf that the stylist picked out. "I looked hot!" she says. "Everywhere we went, people wondered who I was to have such an entourage. A jogger actually stopped and clapped for me near the Eiffel Tower. I took a little bow." Back home in New Jersey, Kirsten now has a calendar for 2007. We made it on Apple's iPhoto with the pictures from the shoot.

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