What's A Road Trip Food You Can't Do Without?

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No road trip is complete without chocolates! What's your go-to road trip snack?

We've got road trips on the brain, thanks to the re-release of our Budget Travel Ultimate Road Trips App, available now in the App Store and on Google Play, and all the fun summer travel stories in our July/August digital edition of Budget Travel magazine (now available on BudgetTravel.com, in the Apple App Store, on Google Play, and for Nook and Kindle). To get into the spirit of things, we asked several of our staff members to share the road trip food they can't do without—here's what they said:

"Frozen coffee drinks laced with chocolate are as much of a necessity as gasoline." —Robert Firpo-Cappiello, Executive Editor

"I purposely don't bring any food with me so I have an excuse to stop for ice cream along the way." —Jamie Beckman, Senior Editor

"I stop for unique snacks at local shops. My favorite so far was Tanka Bites (smoked buffalo meat with cranberries), which I found in South Dakota." —Kaeli Conforti, Digital Editor

"A road trip isn't complete without chocolate." —Jennifer O'Brien, Marketing Manager

"Candy! I've given myself countless sugar headaches on road trips. I never learn." —Rosalie Tinelli, Marketing Associate

"Coffee. Does that count?" —Amy Lundeen, Photo Director

"Chocolate-covered raisins. It's what I buy when I go to the movies, and driving on a road trip is sorta like a real-time flick!" —Whitney Tressel, Photo Editor

"I simply cannot live without sunflower seeds in the shell. They keep me busy when I feel sleepy while driving—that's key!" —Chalkley Calderwood, Creative Director

"I always have Twizzlers or beef jerky handy." —Chad Harter, Lead Developer

"After living in New York City for so long, I search for an Arby's or Chili's, because those favorites of mine are hard to find here." —Michelle Craig, Director, Business Development

"Potato chips! Preferably local and flavored." —Elaine Alimonti, President, Publisher

"A big bag of pretzels is a must-have for all road trips!" —Cathy Allendorf, Director of Digital Media

Now it's your turn: We want to know, what's a road trip food you can't do without? Share it below!

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