Carbon counting on Air France

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Air France has raised the bar for airlines in reporting their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. now offers a CO2 emissions calculator (in English and in French).

According to the airline, "Unlike many other CO2 calculators whose results are based on theoretical and undifferentiated data, Air France's calculation tool uses actual operating data recorded on each flight and route. It integrates the distance flown, the type of aircraft operated, the actual fuel consumed on the segment, the number of passengers carried, and the weight of baggage and goods carried on board. The calculator excludes the weight for carrying freight."

In a month's time, will also offer a way to purchase carbon offsets.

Learn more about carbon offsets in this Budget Travel article.

Should a $5.50 carbon offset donation be mandatory and added to the price of every domestic round-trip flight automatically? Vote in our poll (which is currently voting 2-to-1 against such as charge.) And feel free to share your thoughts about carbon offsets by posting below.

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