Carrie? Samantha? Charlotte? Miranda?

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I kind of hate to admit it, but I'm looking forward to the Sex and the City movie coming out later this month (mostly because I know I'll laugh, and too few movies make you laugh anymore). Our other magazine, Girlfriend Getaways, has a story in the current issue in which we asked women outside NYC's Magnolia Bakery a bunch of SATC-related questions (such as "Aidan or Big?"). Their answers are here.

But my favorite SATC question is from an online poll the magazine did, in which we asked which character you think most represents you, and which character your friends would say most represents you. The results are after the jump. The main point? People seem to relate to Miranda and Charlotte as much as to Carrie.

Which SATC character most represents you?

Carrie 31.4%

Miranda 30.8%

Charlotte 28.8%

Samantha 9%

And which character would your friends say you are?

Miranda 31%

Carrie 28.2%

Charlotte 27.1%

Samantha 13.8%

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