"Cash out of your United mileage points by March," says Peter Greenberg

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Peter Greenberg, NBC's travel correspondent and author of the new book Don't Go There, has a surprisingly negative take on United right now. Here's the quote:

I worry that United Airlines, which has already wrung everything they could out of bankruptcy, will fail in the fourth and the first quarters—which are the toughest to get through. It's not a coincidence that most airlines go under in March, because they just can't get enough money to make it to summer.

I am not sure what other cuts United can make. So, if you have any miles accumulated on airlines like United, I suggest you figure out a way to redeem those miles on their partner airlines.

You can do that or you can go to an art supply store, get a picture frame, and hang your miles on the wall.

They are being devalued by the hour and if the airline goes out of business, so do the miles.


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