Chatting about the future of the travel blog

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Yesterday, the intrepid British website Europe a la Carte celebrated its two-year anniversary with a live online group chat with bloggers about "The Future of the Travel Blog."

I participated in the chat along with the writers/owners of several travel blogs around the world, including Mr. & Mrs. Smith (a blog that's reviewed 700-plus luxury hotels that are mostly outside of the U.S.), Nerd's Eye View (which is mostly about one smart woman's travels worldwide), TravelersPoint (which hosts 12,500 travel blogs). The transcript's been posted.

The Cliff Notes (tm) version is that as the ad market tightens up, it will be harder for individuals to make a living (or even a small side income) from blogging about travel. Companies such as Google have lately moved away from selling text link based ads, which had been a good income generator for smaller blogs. But efforts to collaborate and adopt new technologies may help overcome the new economic hurdles. And maybe collaborations might be like the HuffingtonPost. Interestingly, is a URL that isn't working yet but which may start having travel blog coverage.

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