Creepiest airline passenger ever?

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Talk about a snake on a plane! A 63-year-old man flying from Hong Kong to the U.S. is facing federal charges for allegedly molesting the woman sitting next to him on the plane while she slept.

By comparison, the run-of-the-mill overly talkative airplane neighbor, or the one with bad breath or B.O., or even the presence of a screaming baby in the row behind you seems not so bad.

The incident took place on a Continental Airlines flight headed to Newark Liberty International Airport, as the local CBS TV station reports, and the man being charged, Ramesh Advani, is a resident of New Jersey and has been released after posting $100,000 bail.

Apparently, passengers in the row behind the one where the assault took place saw Advani groping the sleeping woman and kicked the seat to wake her up. The incident is being handled by the FBI because it took place in the air and is outside the jurisdiction of any particular state or country.

Anyone have a story about a creepy passenger that compares to this? If so, we feel bad for you.

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