Daring to Dream

Nina Willdorf

On the southwestern coast of Australia

You know that feeling when you stare out at the sea and your mind suddenly starts to come untangled? You find clarity about issues that have been furiously muddled, and you reach resolution and take a breather, all at once. This picture of the southern coast of Australia right off the Great Ocean Road captures me having one of those moments. My husband and I had just finished a hike and were surveying the scene. We were on a completely deserted beach on the other side of the world. It reminded me of Big Sur but without a soul in sight. Oh, and we had just seen a kangaroo. All told, a pretty memorable experience.

This issue, Budget Travel's 100th, is completely devoted to dream trips. You may find your bliss staring out at the sea, or you may find it making gnocchi at an Italian villa. Don't worry: Whatever your passion, we have you covered. Because this was an opportunity to celebrate (putting out 100 issues ain't easy!), we seized the moment to go a little crazy. We scoured the world for 50 all-star trips—from Machu Picchu to the Taj Mahal, from an Irish castle stay to the art park of the moment (Instituto Inhotim, in southeastern Brazil)—and then we uncovered secrets to making them accessible, whether that means pointing you to a hotel discovery, an affordable outfitter, or a little-known way to avoid the crowds. Think of this issue as a map of the world's most extraordinary places and experiences—complete with just the ticket to get you there.

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