Daypacking: Travel without luggage

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It isn't easy to pack light.

Budget Travel once profiled a man who has traveled for weeks

without anything but the (stinky) clothes on his back. It was a young man's thing to do. But, are there any ways to travel with an absolute minimum of weight?

Last year, travel writer Rolf Potts proved this point on a 30-day "no-bag" trip. He circled the globe with nothing more than a vest. He stuffed his spare clothes into its pockets, taking advantage of regular laundry washing services along the way.

But the most practical option is carrying a very light bag. Some bags are only the size of a "personal carry-on item" for a plane—not full carry-on size. These are often called "day packs."

Sixty-ish-year old Wired magazine contributing writer Kevin Kelly has traveled with just a daypack through places as varied as China and Guatemala.

In another example, Travel blogger Andrew Hyde will carry only 15 items in his sack for a trip through Latin America.

So, what about you?

Have you ever traveled without a suitcase or standard carry-on bag? Any lessons learned?


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