Delta turns flight around because passengers refused to wear a mask

Delta JetDelta Jet
Courtesy Delta

Wear a mask.

Last week, a Delta Airlines flight out of Detroit had to return to the gate after two passengers aboard refused to wear a mask.

A spokesperson for Delta stated that the "customers in question were removed due to non-compliance with Delta’s mask requirement."

Delta's website states the current mask policy as this:

Delta customers and employees are required to wear a face mask, or appropriate cloth face covering over their nose and mouth throughout their travel, aligning with best practice guidelines from the CDC, opens in a new window. Plastic face shields may be used in addition to a mask but are not approved mask replacements. Any mask with an exhaust valve is not approved as an acceptable face mask for customers traveling on any Delta operated flight.
Face coverings will be required across all Delta touchpoints:
  • Lobby Check-in
  • Delta Sky Clubs
  • Boarding Gate Areas
  • Jet Bridges
  • On board the aircraft for the duration of the flight – except during meal service
Usage is strongly encouraged in high-traffic areas, including security lines and restrooms.

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