Discount carrier will be crossing the Atlantic soon

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Flights on Sun Country Airlines from Minneapolis to London's Stansted airport start at $415 each way in the middle of summer.

Sun Country kicks off service on June 11, and it'll continue flying once a week through the summer, departing to London on Fridays, returning on Sundays. The carrier announced the new route with a price of $399, but when you actually try to book a flight, the rate is $415 for some odd reason. When you add all the taxes and fees in, a round trip in mid-summer comes to $936.

Sounds like a lot, until you compare that with the $1,200 that major airlines are now charging for the same route this summer, on flights that almost always involve a layover.

While we love to see discount carriers expanding, especially when it comes to international routes, it's important to note that Sun Country is currently operating under bankruptcy-court protection. (The carrier is expected to be out of bankruptcy within a few months, according to the Wall Street Journal.) And unfortunately, discount airlines have a history of finding it particularly difficult to break into the trans-Atlantic market. See the demise of Zoom Airlines, for example.

Proceed with caution.

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