Do High Gas Prices Mean the End of Road Trips?

Courtesy Emlyn Stokes/Flickr
Will high prices at the pump stop you from taking more road trips?

It was announced this week that the national average for a gallon of gas is $3.57, with analysts projecting $4.25 gallons this summer. Whither the road trip?

Californians are already seeing average prices over $4 a gallon, not a good sign for those considering a Route 1 adventure. My mid–size rental car drank up more than $80 worth of gas during a weekend road trip between New York and Boston, and that was only four hours each way. I can't even imagine what it would cost to go cross–country.

And it's not just road trips that can be affected—cruise lines like Norwegian reserve the right to add a surcharge to fares (even those already paid in full) if oil costs more than $65 per barrel at the time of sailing. It's currently $105 a barrel.

Does sticker shock at the pump have you already thinking about alternatives to summer road trips? Or is the journey worth a few extra bucks? You can always find ways to save. See our tips here.


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