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Do you pay attention to airplane safety videos?

By Laura Michonski
updated February 21, 2017

Airplane security. How much do you care? Do you pay attention to the security video that rolls as soon as the plane pulls out of the gate? Would you know where to find your floatation device if need be? Would you know where the nearest exits were if you had to evacuate suddenly?

I don't know about you, but I've heard this information so many times that my brain automatically checks out as soon as the video starts to roll. I think about what I had for breakfast, what I'll do when I arrive at my destination, what I didn't finish at work before I left…just about anything except for airline safety.

It was only on a recent transatlantic flight when we hit such terrible turbulence that my life flashed before my eyes that I realized that I had no idea where my flotation device was (not under the seat, as I had assumed) and that I had very little idea of how one might go about opening the exit row doors that were next to me should it come to that (it didn't). One thing I have heard is that it pays to count the number of rows between your seat and the nearest exit so that if the lights did go out you could easily find your to the door. Other people argue that if your plane is going down your chances of surviving are pretty limited to begin with (thankfully, such disasters are rare).

It's people like me that have inspired hilarious security videos like the ones below. But do they really pay off? Here are some of the more popular ones in recent years:

Flight attendants on Cebu Pacific Airlines dance to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry songs while explaining in-flight safety:

Air New Zealand debuts "mile-high madness" with Richard Simmons:

Virgin America lets a cartoon tell the safety story:

I'm curious to hear how many of you actually pay attention to airline security videos—and if you would be more likely to give them your undivided attention if they were as amusing as these three?


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