E-book vs. Print: Which Do You Prefer on Vacation?

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In April 2010, a cartoon in The New Yorker magazine made me laugh—it showed an airplane preparing for takeoff. One of the flight attendants asked folks to please "turn off their books." Almost exactly one year later, in May 2011, e-book sales surpassed print sales at Amazon.com (on a related note, the Kindle is their best-selling item of all time). Enter April 2012 and the price of an e-book is the focus of an anti-trust lawsuit and the Pew Research Center just revealed that the percentage of people who own an e-reader nearly doubled this holiday season.

Clearly, e-books are on the rise. That said, the printed word still accounts for 74 percent of the market according to the Pew Research study.

As the Deputy Digital Editor for Budget Travel, you might think that I was an early adopter of the e-book, but that isn't true. I like everything about printed books—the way they look, the way they smell, the sound the pages make as you turn them, the fact that you don't have to power them "on" when you want to use them, "off" when you're done with them.

I didn't think I needed an e-reader—until I had one. Now I can't put it down. I love the device for all of the reasons everyone else tells me they love it: you can carry hundreds of books with you! You can download books for free! You can save magazine and newspaper articles! As a frequent traveler, this is especially meaningful to me (my carry-on is so much lighter). Plus, there are all of those handy apps you can download and access on the road.

That's me, but I know that there are still plenty of folks who would never dream of giving up their books in favor of an e-reader. So here is my question to you—how many of you use an e-book reader on vacation? If you use one, which one do you use? Vote in our poll or tell us below.


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