EasyGroup's Stelios


Stelios at the easyCruise launch

A serial entrepreneur answers our questions

There's no stopping Stelios. A serial entrepreneur who prefers to go by his first name only, the 38-year-old from Greece has launched over 16 ventures, most of which fall under his easyGroup brand umbrella. Stelios is best known for easyJet, Europe's largest low-cost airline, which he founded at age 28. Just this year he debuted two more travel companies: easyHotels (currently in London and Basel, Switzerland only), and easyCruise, which set sail in the Mediterranean in May and is slated to cruise the clear waters of the Caribbean in mid-November. His introductory cruise rates--an astoundingly low $16/day--made budget travel history.

Window or aisle?
Always aisle, so I can stretch my legs and go to the loo without disturbing other passengers. Also, it has more elbow room which I value more than legroom on a flight.

What was the last thing you ate from a minibar?
A bar of chocolate--unfortunately.

I won't leave home without....?
My Blackberry and my easyMoney.com credit card

The best trip I've ever taken? And why?
Difficult to select one--I have been taking 2-3 flights a week for the last ten years--they all merge into one another!

My dream trip?
It is probably one that I will probably never do, but I'd love to tour Latin America by road.

The movie or book that inspired me to pack my bags?
I have not done the trip yet, but the movie "The Motorcycle Diaries", which chronicles the tour of Latin America on a motorbike by Che Guevara and his friend the doctor, is still on my mind...perhaps one day when I stop creating new businesses all the time I will take the time to do a long trip like that

My greatest travel pet peeve?
Paying for things that I don't really need nor use most of the time: the free meals on planes, the chocolate on the pillow of the hotel, etc.

How I deal with jetlag?
Make sure you get some sleep on the flight and stay up when you get there to adjust to local time zone as soon as possible

If I could travel with any living person...
A bunch of my good friends--not a celebrity

I'll never go back to _____ And why?
Loads of boring places but I would go back even there for work...

If I could be anywhere right now....
I have the luxury to be where I want to be at any given time (more or less). So, at the moment, I am in my London office working, but tomorrow night I will be on my cruise ship on the Italian Riviera. I like variety.

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