Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop

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An old-fashioned delicatessen revered for its colossal Reuben sandwiches.

The Gist Snapshots of celebrities posing with quirky owner Josh Konecky—often dressed in button-down shirts covered in duck and panda prints—are plastered on the walls of this revered delicatessen in the Flatiron District. Manhattan-trained chef and No Reservations TV-show host Anthony Bourdain isn't the only one raving about the Reubens. The colossal sandwich is piled high with unusually thick strips of corned beef, sauerkraut, and perfectly melted cheese, all pressed between toasted rye (the combo Reuben comes with bonus pastrami). Non-meat-eaters get their own signature nosh: vegetarian chopped liver. There's basic table seating in the back, but the red-vinyl swivel stools at the lunch counter are homier—and rare nowadays—plus you get to watch the deft line cooks in action. The tag line "Raising New York's Cholesterol Since 1929" also applies to the egg creams and milkshakes, which are deceptively light and delicious.

Price check Grilled sandwiches, including the open face tuna melt and the reuben, run $9. A side of thick-cut fries is $3 and a side of onion rings is $3.50—or get the combo size for $4. Classic soda fountain drinks, like a lime rickey, start at $2.

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